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The Grocery Trader

The Grocery Trader is well known in the UK multiple grocery sector as a monthly magazine distributed in both printed and digital formats to named senior buyers and trading directors and other decision
 makers within the UK supermarkets, Co-ops and convenience store chains and other key grocery organisations. These individuals represent all the major companies in the multiple grocery sector, one of the strongest and largest areas in UK business.     The Grocery Trader serves the UK multiple grocery industry and provides industry news, product stories, interviews and features on a wide range of industry topics in a clear, easy to read tabloid format.  The magazine works closely with the organisers of the major UK grocery trade shows, and reports on them with previews and post show reviews.


The Grocery Trader was launched in 1995


Senior buyers, trading directors, managers and other decision makers within the UK multiple grocery industry.


27,053 copies of The Grocery Trader are distributed in both print and digital format 12 times a year.


For more information on The Grocery Trader please visit or phone 01923 272960.